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Ended Sat, 31 Dec 2016 00:00:00 GMT.

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Crossing Zebras DECEMBER

Crossing Zebras started out as a tiny podcast of two Scots who were horrible at EVE together, and has since then grown into one of the premiere sources of EVE articles and podcasts. We have always strived to take deliver insight, analysis, and value that goes beyond the headlines, while also doing our best to remain neutral. Our articles are known to have a longer form and we take pride in the amount of hard work and hours our writers put in to produce the in-depth content CZ has become well known for.

We also believe that this work deserves proper compensation. We demand a lot from our staff, but we also do everything we can to make it worth their while. Over the years, it was our sponsorship from Eve Bet that gave us the ability to grow and put out the kind of quality material readers and listeners have come to associate with CZ. Now that Eve Bet have been forced to shut down, we find ourselves without a sponsor.

Consider supporting CZ so that we can give our writers, editors, podcasters, administrators, video makers, graphic artists and IT staff what they deserve for all the content they produce for the EVE community. CZ is not associated with any ingame organisation, politically or monetarily, and we wish to remain independent of such ties. We have, and always will be, a service to the entire community of EVE Online.