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Ended Wed, 31 May 2017 00:00:00 GMT.

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Theomachy: Thunderdome

Theomachy is a battle royale themed tournament to occur on June 3 rd . Hundreds of players will be brought into a single solar system arena for 4 hours. Fighting will commence and the last man standing is the winner. Players will be brought to the arena in only their pod and once the event begins they will have to find ships and modules in order to eliminate the competition. The only way to be removed from the event is to be podded. The ships are fit in various ways to civilian pulse lasers to a fully tech 2 fit ship. The event itself will be held on the Thunderdome Event Server which means skill limitations on TQ will not matter as you will have access to all skills and be on a somewhat even playing field.

One other important thing is that ALPHA clones are allowed to participate and will be granted OMEGA status on Thunderdome for the event only.

Players will have other threats that are not specifically other participants but the Overseer team which will be responsible for hunting down larger groups to make the event as fair as possible as well as provide more ships throughout the event.

This will be the 4th time I have organized the Theomachy Event, all isk from this campaign will go directly to the prize pool leaving nothing extra. Registration will open on May 3rd on our website - For any questions or if you would like to reach me, I created a Theomachy discord server that can be joined through this link -

Fly safe o/