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Ended Thu, 15 Jun 2017 00:00:00 GMT.

500,000,000 ISK of 3,000,000,000 ISK

EVEathon - giveaways during the event

Last year, two streamers, scaredpanda and myself, took on a very ambitious project; EVE’s very first 72-hour continuous stream known as EVEathon. With over a dozen streamers involved in the project, EVEathon managed to shatter the barriers for player-driven fundraisers - a monumental task given EVE’s very charitable playerbase. EVEathon raised over $6,800 for the charity organization Spam4Heals - a nonprofit benefiting Broadcast4Reps and Best Of Us with a focus on suicide prevention and awareness. This year they’re at it again!

EVEathon 2017 will be benefiting The AbleGamers Foundation, an established non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the wonderful world of videogames to those with disabilities. Moreover, AbleGamers has been instrumental in the lives of several EVE denizens - making them the perfect choice.

From Friday, June 16th until Sunday, June 18th, scaredpanda and myself will be joined by a number of streamers at for seventy-two continuous hours of Eve Online action! Everything from solo PvP, NPSI Fleets to exploration and mining - anything you’re interested in will be covered.

Any support, ISK or otherwise, will be used for giveaways during the stream! Whether you can donate in-game, out-of-game, or not at all - EVEathon would love to have you watch and spread the news. Let everyone know that, without a doubt, the game known for scams, deception, and war is still the best at being charitable.