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Ended Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT.

60,250,000,003.2 ISK of 60,000,000,000 ISK

G-Fleet 2017 RL Gathering - Looking for Sponsors


G-Fleet goes ISK-Starter

G-Fleet is the biggest player gathering in Germany and arguably one of the best player organized events in the world. The event has already achieved quite a few “firsts in EVE”, like demoing Valkyrie on 10 VR ready laptops,the German BrewEden collection of beers, the G-Fleet Ultra edition of Quafe Energy Drinks or being sold out in less than six days …

Up until last year, we had the honor of dishing out more than 350 Billion ISKs to our guests in vouchers, raffles and tournament prizes. That money came mostly from the marketing budgets of gambling platforms like eve-bet, I want ISK, Trillionaires or EVE Casino. These times are gone, so we are exploring new ways to acquire ISK for our event, because raffles and tournament prizes are fun! is a brilliant idea and we want to support this marvellous platform with our campaign.

Where will your ISK go to?
We run an increasingly professional 2 vs 2 PvP tournament on Thunderdome as part of our event, and we would like to endow the tournament with substantial rewards for the winners. So half of the ISK donated will go into the tournament prize pool. The other half is will be spend on a raffle tombola all guests take part in.

What will I get for my ISK?
Here comes the beef of the campaign. Yes, you actually do get something back in return for your ISK! And it is not only thankful words …

  1. 50 Million ISK pledge
    A unique corpse from the Character “All about G-Fleet”.

  2. 250 Million ISK pledge
    The corpse and a mention in the credits of the event video, produced after the event.

  3. 1 Billion ISK pledge
    A corpse and a highlighted mention in the credits of the event video produced after the event. If you like, you can send us a greeting message for the event. Plus, your name will be engraved on the G-Fleet 2017 Plate of Honorary Benefactors.

  4. Badge for Sponsors

  5. 5 Billion ISK pledge
    Now it gets physical! We will send you the G-Fleet Supporter badge, only available for substantial donors and benefactors. Furthermore, you will make it on the G-Fleet 2017 Plate of Honorary Benefactors. And yes, we definitely want your greeting message to the attendees!

  6. Sponsor Plate

  7. 20 Billion ISK pledge
    Congratulations! You ran the campaign all on your own, (but wait, we have some yet undisclosed stretch goals). Aside from the G-Fleet Supporter badge and all the swag goodies from event, you will get a replica of the G-Fleet 2017 Plate of Honorary Benefactors with your name on it. We wish you could be with us, so send us this damn greeting message (even if you will be there!)!