creator The Angel Project

Ended Fri, 01 Sep 2017 00:00:00 GMT.

3,252,000,000 ISK of 25,000,000,000 ISK

The Angel Project ♥

The Angel Project is an initiative I created in 2012 to help new and struggling players succeed in Eve. I've given away skillbooks, ships, mods, have set up mentorships. I have also sponsored many events and giveaways in-game.

Every year, I have had a huge giveaway for new players to celebrate The Angel Project's birthday. The cost is substantial-- usually around 50 billion in prizes (including PLEX and other bling they wouldn't be able to get otherwise) are given to newbies who win one of the 12 prizes.

I'm finding myself a little stretched for this year's giveaway. Any and all help would be most appreciated.