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Ended Wed, 11 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT.

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"The Pit" PvP Tournament, Prizepool funding !

Hello everyone!
I am Ymenoa, solo/small-gang aficionado from The Tuskers Co.
I have created my own PvP tournament, named "The Pit", knowing that the EvE PvP community really needs some player-runned competitive content under controlled environment.
First open edition went really well (50 participants, 13B total of prizepool from donators and myself, tons and tons of positive feedback), and I have in mind to run this event every 2 months.
I am opening the mid-october edition of this tournament, and I am now looking for generous prizepool donators to help me support my project.
Here is the reddit thread for the current edition :

Here is a video report made by myself, and featuring the streamer and commentator Dahox Lacefe, showing the final fights of the tournament :

Some pretty big names are coming for this current edition, and I'd like my project to grow in size and popularity. As an example, after posting the reddit thread announcing the opening of the registrations, all 16 duosslots were taken in under 30 hours.

If you are willing to participate to the prizepool, shoot an eve-mail to 'Ymenoa Merenet', and I'd be more than happy to have a chat with you and feature your name in the recap reddit thread / video report of the current edirion.

Ymenoa Merenet