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Ended Mon, 25 Dec 2017 00:00:00 GMT.

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EVE Onion

EVE Onion is dedicated to bringing New Eden the best satire, parody, and fictional content on EVE Online.
We recently launched our new site
Currently we "employee" a staff of eight dedicated editors, writers, and artists and without these incredibly talented people this site would not be possible.

I am OpusMagnum CEO of the new EVE Onion brand for EVE Online. I have currently been funding all the pay for the content creators from my personal ISK sources and some one time donations from some great people. I will continue to fund EVE Onion from my personal ISK, but it holds back the amount of content that I can publish on the site per month. I believe that people should be compensated for their work even though it is a labor of love for them.
I want to ask the EVE Online community to donate ISK and help us expand EVE Onion and the amount of content we can publish per month as well as the ability to expand our staff for other types of content we hope to provide in the future.

I receive no payment for any of my work and never plan on it. ALL ISK goes to funding the staff and the EVE Onion projects.

If you cannot give then please like, share, retweet our tweets and site content via Twitter, Facebook, or other favorite social media platform.

Thank You and Fly Safe o7