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EvE-Scout Rescue Cache Annual Funding


The goal of this ISKStarter is to fund our EvE-Scout Rescue Cache (ESRC) program for one year. The ESRC program is a ongoing service provided to the New Eden community for free, designed to assist pilots stranded in wormholes find their way out without self-destructing valuable ships or pods. Donations from grateful rescuees go straight to the pilots who assist them, not to the corp. However, we pay our pilots for sowing and tending rescue caches. The funding goal represents our annual budget for those payments.

More Details

The EvE-Scout Rescue Cache (ESRC) program, founded in early YC118 by Forcha Alendare, provides a basic emergency resource kit for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or play style.
A rescue cache is a small secure container that contains one (1) core probe launcher and eight (8) core scanner probes (and, usually, a few "hugs" [fireworks, snowballs] or other trinkets for fun) which is anchored somewhere in a wormhole.

When a capsuleer is stranded and in need, they can contact a Signal Cartel pilot in our public EvE-Scout channel for assistance. If the contents of a cache meet the stranded capsuleer's need, our scout will look up the rescue cache's location and password, provide these to the stranded pilot, and assist them in locating and gaining access to it.

The pilots of Signal Cartel, the core corporation of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance, abide by a strict Credo that emphasizes service to the capsuleer community of New Eden. Our rescue programs, including ESRC, are one of the ways our pilots strive to serve that community.

We average 80+ Signal Cartel pilots participating in placing and refreshing timers on these containers throughout wormhole space every month. Using several custom in-house tools via our web site at , our team of coordinators helps these intrepid pilots maintain rescue caches in as many Anoikis systems as we can, typically maintaining a presence in over 50% of the 2603 known wormholes (excluding Thera). In the past nine months alone, rescue caches have helped over 125 pilots escape from a wormhole.

Our coordinators and developers all serve on a volunteer basis. These include A Dead Parrot, Angel Lafisques, Captain Crinkle, Grey Sojourn, Igaze, Lucas Ballard, Orsel Solette, and Thrice Hapus. All pilots who help anchor and tend rescue caches are paid weekly out of a pool of 500 million ISK, based on the number of caches they personally helped anchor and tend that week. All ISK that is paid out comes from donations to Signal Cartel or the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance.

Learn more about the ESRC program and read testimonials from rescued pilots at