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Ended Sun, 29 Apr 2018 00:00:00 GMT.

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Kiting Kronos Video funding

Hello there.

I am here to ask the mighty folks of Eve to help me fund a very niche type of piloting video. Kiting battleships. Not since the days of "Big Miker" and "Mr Hyde" have we had any good battleship videos that not only show off good piloting skills. But also tell a story about why they are flying it and how they are doing it.

So here I am asking for 10bil in ISK. And what is it for you ask.

Well. I need to

1) fund the implant Snakes set plus hardwirings.
2) Fund about 5 Kronos hulls. They are not cheap at all.

Now why should you fund this? Well as you can see from the list above. I intend to use the Kronos hull as the feature of the video. Folks think that your can't kite in a Kronos. Most think you just get into blaster range and then just bastion up and go to town. And yes. That is the most common way to fly the Kronos. But a lot of folks forget that it a very mobile ship due to the low MJD cooldown. And with the right fitting, You can go very fast (for a battleship) and kite most cruisers. This is what I intend to show.

Some folks I am sure will say "Hey, who is this dude, Why should I fund him? How can he know such things?"

Some folks will know me from my time streaming in the past. But I stop streaming due to the fact I am really not that great of a "Live entertainer". But I do from time to time pop up on other folks shows and streams. I am better as a support act lol. Also most folks will know me from the #TweetFleet on Titter.

Where will I see the results?

I will post the video to youtube.

I shall also spam out the video to all the #TweetFleet on twitter and I shall also pass it on to some other Twitch streams to pimp out.

Anyway. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you deem this idea worthy of your ISK.