Low Sec Police Department

-i will make a corporation to manage placid region of low sec, and the isk will be used to buy ships, fittings, marketing campaigns, recruiting, etc... - i hope to enforce order in low-sec space, to make it secured for the peacefull capsuleers. The police corps should be financed from fines after some time. - you can contact me via evemail or evechat.

Rejection Reason:

please provide more details if this is to be a public or community project.


Tara Read + Exit = TAREXIT Time to put an end to the spurge - it can no longer be tolerated - fund the war!! ------------------------------------------------------------- Since the Molok has the ability to fit both Doomsday's and Generators of both races those are going to be Massive in wasted m3 space for unpackaged for refitting on the fly. You are talking an extra 10000 m3 or 1/10th of the Moloks entire Fleet Hangar being used for these two modules alone for just one type of race. Let's also not forget the m3 of Capital Nos, Neuts, Capital props, various non racial Doomsday types as well as every other various refit you'll need. Instead of giving the Molok some stupid gimmicky corpse bay half the damn thing and double the Fleet Hangar so we can use the ships versatility. I shouldn't have to fandangle and jumble around a limited fleet hangar for a ship that costs 3x the amount of a regular Titan and stare at a near empty coprse bay. Aside from that loving the stats love the SMA size, the 4 turret DPS layout I would prefer an extra mid slot seeing as the Vanquisher already has the extra 8th low and a bigger increase to the raw Armor to make the Molok more of an incentive towards aquiring. So far everything else looks pretty dope. Twisted ------------------------------------------------------------- The above is just one example of the eve communities suffering, with your help, by giving a small donation; you could help put a stop to the tyranny. By giving your hard earned ISK to the cause, each donation will prevent at least 5 forum readers from suffering any further eye brutality and an additional 10 redditors from endless headache. Together we can end the pain of a whole community from these heinous posts – save a life - fund the war!

Rejection Reason:

simon, no. stop being bad.


Fund my reddit posting

Rejection Reason:

no, just no.

bla bla


Rejection Reason:


Triksterism's Whelp Fund

Trik is a brave space warrior who spends most of his time fitting fat, blingy ships in order to YOLO them into enemy fleets in hopes of glory. This almost always results in death. Delicious, fiery death. Capitals, super carriers, marauders. You name it, he's whelped it...sans titans!

Rejection Reason:

if you where to stream or blog about your experiences this campaign could be accepted. campaigns for just your personal benefit will not be accepted

Give me 2 billion isk

I don't have the patience to come up with some sort of scam to get people to donate to me, so I'm just straight up asking for 2 billion isk. I promise to possibly do something entertaining with it if the mood strikes me. I also promise that a minimum of 10 million isk will be used to purchase exotic dancers and fund a college education for each.

Rejection Reason:

campaigns like this are not allowed on iskstarter. sorry :D

buy the boys a fortizar

the boys just want a fortizar hook us up

Rejection Reason:

This is not the type of campaigns we allow on the website.

Specter Fleet Corp Webpage

Compensate pilots for effort in creating a corporation website for Specter; as the time and effort will remove the ability of said pilots to earn ISK, this is meant to offset the opportunity costs. Website will have HTML5 video background, links to common community resources and alliance/bloc/corp documentation.

Rejection Reason:

We feel that this campaign, being aligned with a specific corporation/alliance, does not meet our goals of open community projects. If your project can be readjusted with this goals, we will take it back under consideration.

Gians Super Fund

Donate isk to fund the amazing Gian Bal's super so he doesn't have to grind pve for the next year! He will be doing elite pvp with it on stream once bought.

Rejection Reason:

this site does not allow for super funds as such, you can however put up a request for stream sponsorship. please amend your request and re-post.

Specter Fleet Corp Webpage

ISK for website development effort

Rejection Reason:

please provide more details. spectre fleet is certainly a good organisation to be running a campaign on iskstarter, a note just for website development is not sufficient.

Minarchist Sace Project - Dec16

Support the Minarchist Space Project and our efforts to establish a Minmatar space in Null Sec to spread freedom in New Eden. Read more about our Minarchist Space project at www.minarchistspace.com and help the revolution take hold. May your khumaaks always strike true!

Rejection Reason:

unfortunately this website is not for creating funds to claim space. on that basis the project has been rejected.

Gatekeepers of Querious

Keep Efa and southern Querious clear. Do your part. Support TXG gateforces on their neverending duty to guard the Querious border.

Rejection Reason:

This is not the type of community project we would like to see on this site. it would be difficult to justify this as a community project :D despite your noble cause.

Santa, you know what I want for christmas?!

Dear Santa, My name is Brenna A. I am 25 old. I have been a good boy this year.My killboard is green like my soul.Please,help my to afford a titan. These are the thing I want for Christmas, and I think it is OK if you bring them to me because I have been very good. I do not want ibis. Please do not bring me ibis because that would be mean and I don’t want a mean Santa in my house. Thank you Santa. Love, Brenna A, Age 25 P.S. HI RUDOLPH I LOVE YOU

Rejection Reason:

We would be very happy to see what community efforts you would provide with your new titan. Sadly we have to inform you that we only approve killboards with a ratio > 99%. The other issue is that we currently do not have any titans for sale for just 120m isk, please come back next year, maybe prices will drop until then. Fly safe o7